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Art Gallery

Art Works
See & Buy Art works by professionals.

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( you computer / cell phone must support JAVA)

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Home Page

The Digital Rating Home Page.
Information about our web site, our photo gallery, our services ...


The Digital Rating Public Resources.
Information, photos, software...  

Web Projects

Web Projects & other Internet Works.
We build websites: cheap [prices start from 99$!] and quality. You can see our projects. We also provide hosting, e-mail boxes, "shopping cart" and all other major web services. We can cheap and fast build or update website for you.

Friends & Partners

Visit our friends and partners web sites, and you found wide spectra of different services, art galleries, music, sports, and business internet sites.


The Digital Rating Experiments. It may be anything: from simple changes in child toy or handmade original version of computer case until big program projects, new ways in art or music or just some fun staff. So visit and see, may be you will be have you original idea to share with other too.

Pictures & Photos

Pictures & Photos. See some Art and Photo works.

Art Gallery

Art Works. See & Buy Art works by professionals.

Poems / Стихи

Poems and writings online. Find something new in today's life. Share you mind with people around you and all world. Or just enjoy of reading some poetry staff.
English and Russian works.

Online Mall

The Digital Rating Online Mall. It is a lot of cell phone accessories, computer hardware, used cars, electronics, art works, books... Visit, and you can found cheap price and high quality. 


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