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The Progressive Art Gallery.

"…the communication between the world of the imaginary and the world of the real forms, a dialogue that serves as a driving force of motivation in my art work….

Every painting for me is a journey of discovery through my present experiences and through the worlds of my memories."

-Udita Leberg

Krik & DDT

"...Добро пожаловать на мою страницу!!! Наконецто вы нашли её! Коротко о себе: я родился в самом замечательном городе Одессе! Теперь живу в Нью Йорке. Люблю читать фантастику и как не странно увлекаюсь историей. Очень люблю русский РОК. Особенно люблю группу ДДТ! Эта страница посвящается группе ДДТ. Если у вас появятся мысли по этому поводу..."

Brooklyn Electronics Enterprises Inc.

"...Our mission it to become your complete source for expert, 24/7 business network monitoring, around the clock business computer repair, consulting for business IT projects, tech support, custom built computers, home or office network setup, new computer setup, PC performance tune ups, remote repairs though remote connections, remote software installations and set up...."

One Source Wireless.

Already recognized as one of the industry's foremost suppliers of cellular/PCS accessories, One Source Wireless continues to distinguish itself as a leader in the design, production and distribution of wireless communications products.


"I work in the orfey book publishing company where I illustrate all ukrainian fairy tales. the whole process of illustration from concept to press rests on my shoulders... I’m also a senior at the kiev print institute. here are my illustrations for erotic poetry…"