By Digital Rating Studio's Administrator:

Many people ask  me to build  websites. Usually they prefer just give to me some  amount of money (for example: one thousand dollars) which will be covered full project. They do not want think about some "stupid" staff like registration domain names or hosting services. Some of them prefer to just give money to me to I paid for hosting service or a domain name by my credit card. Of course some of them do not know that is it "domain name" or "hosting service" and do not want to know about it at all.

I do not want to do business like it. I do not want if any of my customers is dependable from me. Because if anything (hosting, domain name, or other internet service) are paid by my credit card, my customer will be pay me only for using  there services. They will not be owner of there services (hosting or domain name). If they want to be owner of domain name or hosting they must registered a service for their name and paid it using their credit card. THE PRICE IS SAME. I WILL HAPPY TO ASSIST YOU, OR WILL  REGISTERED A SERVICE FOR YOU USING YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND ALL OTHER NECESSARY INFORMATION.

TIP #1: Always be undependable from your web programmer! The domain name and hosting service must be registered for your name and pain using your credit card (or any other payment type). So you must be available any time say "You are faired" to your web programmer, without losing anything such as your hosting or domain name access. So, please do not ask me to buy a domain name or a hosting service by using my credit card.

TIP#2:Make sure you have:
1.FTP Access (User Name, Password, and FTP server name) to your website.
2.You know you domain settings (Provider, User Name, Password, and web address of provider)



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